A message from our president

Hi all, 
I got my first Dachshund in late August 2009. I really didn't want one, however I had my list of qualities I needed and refused to have, and after over 450 ads, one silly ad somehow stood out. It was the only ad that actually met the requirements, and as "Willy the wiener needs a home," I hesitantly called. 

The lady on the phone thought I was perfect for him. She brought him to me to meet him and offered him at a discount price. After meeting him twice, I took Willy home. That day changed my life. As some of you know, Willy is my soul dog. He is so many things I can't even express. We have spent the last seven and a half years together, with stories piled high and memories for a lifetime it seems. 

A year later my great grandfather thought it would be a good idea to get Willy a pal. Walking into this idea naive and quite unaware of the quirks of the Dachshund, we picked up my second. Scooter. We won't get into details, but to put it gently, it was karma for having it so easy with Willy. Scooter came from California, and I spent hours of every day chasing him around,pulling my hair out, and trying to house train him. I had gotten into something strange, as the Dachshund lifestyle swallowed me whole.

After getting him civil, I had an urge to give back. I privately brought two others up, trained and re socialized them, and adopted them out thanks to a few people who made it possible. It felt good. Quickly I knew I wanted to help out more in some way. After a move back to Alberta, I filled out an application with Alberta Dachshund Rescue. Not long later my first foster came and it's been a treat to work with them.  

 To Sheri, I thank you for asking me to try to fill these shoes you've left. I can never replace you, but can only hope to maintain and continue to give others what you have. I think it's safe to say you've touched the hearts of literally thousands of people in your years with ADR. Thank you for helping out the hundreds of dogs that you have so gracefully, and for the largest compliment I've ever gotten.  

Willy, Scooter, and now ADR foster fail Beaner and I are eager to jump in and give it our best to continue to offer our time, knowledge, and love to more doxies in need. You have left a huge pair of shoes to fill, and thank goodness you left Marilyn around for support! She really was your right hand, and there is no way to do this without help. Another thank you to all of our amazing volunteers, for all your work and encouragement for me to take on this engaging role. Without all your help, it's impossible.  

Here's to many more doxies in need...  
Tom Edwards, Willy, Scooter, and Beaner.  

Tom Edwards  
Alberta Dachshund Rescue (ADR)

A message from the Board of the Alberta Dachshund Rescue

Thank you, Sheri. 
On October 30, 2016, Sheri Rose, the Founder and President of Alberta Dachshund Rescue, stepped down from the position of President. At this time, the Board of ADR would like to express their deep gratitude and respect. 

For the past seventeen years, Sheri has tirelessly labored to find homes for displaced Dachshunds. Her positive impact, during that time, on the lives of dogs and people has been immense. Not only has she enriched the lives of many homeless dogs, but she has equally blessed the lives of many dog-less people.

We, of the Board, have been additionally enriched by the experience of being a part of animal rescue. Sheri has built a fine, well-functioning, organization that could serve as a model for any management course.  Working within that association has enabled us to fully experience the joy of saving dogs without the internal tensions present in many volunteer groups. 

Sheri, you may have relinquished the position of President at your own behest, but a position you cannot abdicate is the one you hold in our hearts. To us, you will always be our beloved Founder. Thank you!