Introducing Sir Dexter!


This very happy, adaptable young man is such a delight to have around! 

Dexter is a Poodle-Dachshund cross who is very respectful of other dogs in the house, loves children, no fear of people, vacuums and loud noises. 

Dexter is ball crazy, has amazing fetch abilities, and would do well with an active family. He has no separation anxiety, not aggressive with toy sharing, or while eating along side another dog. Dexter will bark when someone comes to the door, but settles easily. He will either sleep on a dog bed or on top of your covers. This young man loves being outside exploring and is a gentleman on the leash. 

If you are looking for an extremely affectionate non-shedding dog, you need to meet this gem... 

- January 13, 2018

Say 'hello' to jasper!


Our new friend Jasper is a shy little guy right now, not really knowing what happened to his family but he is beginning to open up more and more. When he gets his harness put on for walks, he is ready to go and waits at the door. He initially was not overly impressed with the foster family's dachshund looking at him and got a little nippy at her. But besides that, there has been no signs of aggression. 

Jasper just wants to chill with people. His is a bit more low energy being that he is 11-years-old but he is in awesome shape for a senior. We had him into the vet for his check up and he weighs in at just under 16 lbs and looks pretty darn good! He still gets excited to go for walk and is a good boy for car rides. 

Jasper is not that keen to be in the crate and would rather just chill on the couch until his people get back.  At night, he just wants to be with his people! Jasper's surrendering family indicated that he didn’t really like little kids so probably best if he is in a family with older people. 

Final note... Jasper was very disappointed when being offered veggies for treats. He would prefer to have meat and cheese platters! :) 

- January 11, 2018

Meet Phoenix!!!


Phoenix is a young all black female just under 2 years old.  She is full of energy and loves to run and play. Unfortunately, this poor girl has had a hard time finding her spot in the world and has been in several homes trying to find the right one. She loves to snuggle and gets as close as she can to you when she has the opportunity, and loves to sleep in bed with you.  She loves to play, is very good with toys, and runs like the wind!

Phoenix has had some issues with dominance and needs to be placed with a VERY strong alpha figure. In our care, she has been an excellent dog. She is potty trained with a bell, very smart and learns things very quickly. Phoenix barks very loudly but is easily stopped.  She can be a part of a pack and when done properly, she thrives. When allowed to show dominance, Phoenix can become very aggressive and possessive over people, and will attack if given dominance. She doesn't always get on with young people and would be best in a home with adults only and not be around young people without supervision from her master. 

With a strong role model and pack leader, Phoenix has shown she can do anything.  She has done extremely well in a pack, allows new people to greet her and almost instantly warms up.  While we have had her, she has been quite tolerant of young people and is able to share her life with the world. She loves to have rules and has thrived on them.  She will not be placed until a strong person with experience comes along. If that is you and you would like to have this boisterous little black cutey join your home, please put an application in for Phoenix today. You won't be disappointed!!

- January 7, 2018

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