Dog surrender

We often see situations that could be fixed with a small bit of work. We may be able to help you solve the challenges you are having with your dachshund before you make the ultimate decision to give your dog up. Please do not hesitate to email us for this support. 

Sometimes owners are forced to surrender their dog through circumstances beyond their control. In this case, please fill out the surrender form or contact us about your circumstance and if we can help your dog, we will. 

We strongly advise before considering putting your dog to sleep (euthanasia) that you contact us regarding your dachshund. There are often solutions so that it may not be necessary to take this last step. This is often the case with back injuries or IVDD. 

As we are a nonprofit organization and you are surrendering your dachshund, we would appreciate it if you could have your dachshund spayed or neutered and vaccinations up to date to save us on costs so other dogs in dire need of funds (vetting) can be saved. Without funds in our account we cannot help those who really need vetting in large amounts. We understand that not everyone will be able to do so but if possible please help us out so we can help you. If you are not able to do the vetting, we will still take your dog. 

For more information regarding dog surrender or any other dogs in need, contact us at