Volunteer with us!

More hands make the work lighter and enable us to help more dogs. We work with Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario as well as Alberta. Individuals from all over Canada and the United States surrender dogs to us. Therefore, we can use volunteers from everywhere. 

If you'd like to help us re-home these dear little animals, please email us. We'll send you a list of the things we need assistance with. Should you feel you could fill one of these needs, we will tailor the task to the time you have available. We don't ask for any long-term commitment. You do the job for as long as you want to (and take the occasional break when you need it). 

We sometimes need people to transport dogs to the vet or from foster home to new home. We need people to do reference checks and home visits. We need people to represent ADR at events such as the Calgary or Edmonton Pet Expo which help us to raise funds. We need people to help in other ways with fund raising. 

Our most pressing need is for foster homes. Although we have kennel facilities available, we prefer the dachshunds that are awaiting adoption live with families. We have had the heartbreaking experience of knowing a dog was euthanized because we didn't have a foster home for it. If you have any interest in providing a temporary home for one of these sweet little creatures, email us and we'll send you a package of information that will help you decide if fostering is something you want to do.  

To volunteer with ADR, please send an e-mail to info@albertadachshundrescue.com and ask for a membership form, volunteer form, or foster form or fill out forms online and send them in.